I don’t see the package I want to book. 

This can be due to many different aspects. You can start by checking the following:

  • Are all periods filled in correctly?
    Suppose it concerns a reservation in the future, is this package still valid?
    Also look at the periods of the rate (third tab). To check this you can look up the rate separately and then double click on it. Also check if the rate is active.

  • Is the occupancy of the reservation within the minimum and maximum of the set occupancy of the arrangement? (Note: if this is both set to 0 it is also good, these are the default settings)
    In the example below, the minimum occupancy is 1 person and the maximum occupancy is 2 persons.
    With a reservation of 3 persons this arrangement will therefore not be shown.

  • Are the days for which you want to make a reservation selected in the package, and is the package active?

  • Does the package or rate have conditions that may not apply in the reservation?
    There may be conditions for market segments, relationships, price categories and item types. |
    In the example below, the package can only be booked for a business room.
  • In the rates listed under the package there are also periods, are they set correctly?

If all of this looks correct, please contact the helpdesk.