VIPS Links
One of the benefits of the VIPSX reservation system is that it is easy to link with your other automation systems. VIPSX can be linked in the following ways:

POS connect
Link with the PixelPoint PoS system, but a link with another POS system is also possible. The turnover of your cash register will be transferred to VIPS. Accounts in your cash register can also be transferred to the account of the guest in VIPS. Besides PixelPoint PoS, VIPS also offers various integrations with among others, Lightspeed, UnTill and Bork. 

Channel connect
Link with various channel managers. 

Phone connect
Link with telephone switchboard, multiple possibilities: UCplus, cost recording (expenses made by a guest when making a call are automatically booked to the account in VIPSX) and wake-upcall (automatic wake-up call from VIPSX)

Employee connect
Improved and more accurate personnel planning, based on occupancy and turnover data. 

Access connect
Link with keycard system of: Assa, Abloy, HOTEK, Salto, OTD access.

Finance connect
Link with financial package: Cash, Exact, AFAS, Accountview, Twinfield, Unit4 and more. 

Web connect
Link for tailor-made Online Booking Engines (booking module website). 

Infoboard connect
Link with infoboard/ narrow casting, showing various data of the reserved rooms.

PayTV connect
Link with paid TV channels, regarding cost registration. The expenses are automatically booked to the guest’s account in VIPSX.