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Hello George

As a hotel owner you always strive to make it unforgettable for your guests in every way possible. During 2016 we met each other in Shanghai talking about living out of your suitcase, visiting different places in the world without blending in the culture because of various reasons. Such a shame.
We decided to change that by building intelligent software that both helps hotels and me as a business traveller. We focus on upgrades, services and local attractions. That is what makes a stay perfect. Being able to smell the surroundings with simple things; a local guide or somebody who points out where you can buy the best local coffee.
“Did you like your stay” as a survey is NOT what we aimed for. We advise guests pre-arrival with various options about the room, some attractions nearby thats fit the agenda. Of course 100% automatic and fully cloud based and customisable.
With our platform you can welcome your guests as a hotel owner before they actually arrive. It’s personal and always makes them happy. And happy guests give better energy! No extra workload and available for every hotel worldwide in many languages.
We call it George! The best name for the best hosts and concierges in every hotel.