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Close and reopen account

How do I close and reopen an account?

If the balance of the account in the screen ‘Maintenance bookings’ is €0,00, then the account can be closed. Click on the button to close the account.

Closing the account has the following consequences in VIPS:
1. There can no longer be booked on this account. If the guest is still checked in and there are still bookings coming in from an interface, nightaudit or cash register, these will be booked on a new account linked to the guest.
2. There can no longer be any changes to the account.
3. The account no longer appears on the overview of open accounts.
4. Account information such as addressing etc. can no longer be changed.
The account can still be reopened until the time of the day closure (nightaudit) or the closing of the period (in case of Event configurations). After the day or period closure, the account can no longer be adjusted. Any changes must then take place through the credit note functionality.