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Night Audit

What exactly does the Night Audit do?

Use the Night Audit button to start the Night Audit/ day closure. You will be redirected to the next screen:

You can see which day you are closing. The nightaudit takes care of the following possible actions within VIPS, this can be different per location:

  1. Closing the tax entry date of the system.
  2. Guests not checked in, with a scheduled arrival on the day of the nightaudit, will recieve the status ‘no show’ and the relevant details will be cancelled.
  3. Finalizing the scheduled bookings of the booking plan of the day of the night audit.
  4. The status of occupied rooms from clean to dirty in the system.
  5. Performing any extra defined actions.

If you click on ‘Close the day’, a check of the arrivals of that day will follow. If guests have not checked in, this message follows:

Afterwards, the Night Audit will be performed.