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Which shortcut key combinations does VIPS have?


F3 = Search for a customer, invoice number, reservation, accommodation or deposit number
F5 = Refresh screen in maintenance/ overview relations, planner
CTRL + L = Login / Logout
CTRL + N = New relation in overview relations
CTRL + Shift + R = Start report designer
CTRL + Shift + V = Start report viewer
CTRL + G = add columns
CTRL + I = Returns a timestamp in the free text or memo field. For example: 16-02-2018 08:27:08 – Freetime Hospitality


Windows general
CTRL+ A = Select all
CTRL + C = Copy
CTRL+ T = Activate / deactivate Tile mode
CTRL + V = Paste
CTRL + W = Close current screen
CTRL+ X = Cut
CTRL+ Z = Undo types
Highlight text = Hold left mouse button and drag cursor over the text
Highlight item = Left-click the item once
Column sorting = Click on column header of the column you want to sort it on
Column order = Click on column header with left mouse button, hold and move to desired position
Full screen = Double click on title bar resized screen
Reduced screen= Double click title bar enlarge screen